Syllabus (click below):

ACT Syllabus, SP2020

Tuesday, March 3

• Listen to “Nascar Annie” (my term):

• Quiz: Class discussions and TKTS Chapter 4: The Child Singer and previous (all assessments are comprehensive)

• Have worksheet completed for TKTS Chapter 5: The Adolescent Singer and discuss in class.

• Continue teaching rounds/canons with: Connor Buckley, Jake Connolly, and Jennifer Nguyen. Clink link below for schedule:

ACT Canon Schedule

Thursday, March 5

• Quiz: Class discussions and TKTS Chapter 5: The Adolescent Singer and previous information (all assessments are comprehensive), to p. 120.

• Complete TKTS Chapter 5 and begin Chapter 6: Breathing and Laryngeal Mechanics

• Have worksheet completed for Chapter 6.

• Continue teaching rounds/canons: Zach Smith, Jimmy Williams.

Tuesday, March 10

• Complete TKTS Chapter 5.

• Work with changing voice: Christian Wolf

• Brief review for mid-term.

• Complete rounds/canons: Mira Brocco, Sarah Troutman, Jimmy Williams, Isabella Pfaff

Thursday March 12: Mid-Term Written Exam

• Take Mid-Term Written Exam, which includes all class discussions (philosophy, functional unity concept, programming, reflections on class teaching of rote songs/rounds/canons, etc.) and TKTS through Chapter 5.

• Discuss future assignments and work that can be completed over Break.

• Complete any rounds/canons as time allows, hopefully completing this assignment!!

F.y.i.: Philosophy Materials