Syllabus (click below):

ACT Syllabus, SP2020

UPDATE for THIS week:

Tuesday, Feb. 18

Quiz: TKTS class discussions and Chapters 1 & 2.

• Have worksheet completed for TKTS Chapter 4: The Child Singer and discuss in class.

• Begin teaching rounds/canons. Clink link below for schedule:

ACT Canon Schedule

Thursday, 13 Feb.

• Attend Dr. Tacka’s lecture in McComsey Hall, rm 260, which begins at noon

• Our class will begin no later than 1:30, and we will discuss TKS Chpt. 3 as follows: (1) Everyone should quickly read/skim the entire chapter to get the “big picture”; (2) Each student will choose two topics that most interest them and become the “expert” on them; (3) We will review the chapter as a class with each “expert” speaking more in-depth about their topic, explaining why it interests them, and what they do with it in the future (future teaching? graduate school? etc.).

Tuesday, 11 Feb.

• Complete discussion of TKTS Chapter 2

•  In-class Participation Assignment: Tips (Do’s and Don’ts) for leading vocalises from behind the piano. Be ready to experiment

Reflection-Synthesis Paper #1 (Philosophy) is due on Thursday, February 6th. Refer to the syllabus for specific guidelines. Please be sure to synthesize (summarize) our MEAE discussion (see notes/worksheet above) and reflect (apply) it to your own teaching philosophy. The idea is to incorporate these new ideas into your own thinking! Do not recycle a philosophy paper from another class!! For ideas, read the following blog posts:

Tuesday, January 28th. Be sure to have read Chapter 1 (“Vocal Pedagogy for Young Singers”) from Teaching Kids to Sing. There may be a brief quiz on the chapter and the MEAE philosophy we’ve been discussing so far in class. We’ll continue the philosophy discussion, go over the chapter in detail, and have four rote songs taught to the class.

During the first week of class, we will discuss a philosophy of music education. Below is the class handout, and I’ve also provided a copy of my lecture notes.



Schedule for Teaching Rote Songs to the class (1/23-2/4) can be found by clicking the link below. At your convenience, please send me a copy of the score to your rote song so that I can add it to the all-new Repertoire Reservoir List for Rote Songs. Thank you!!

ACT Rote Song Schedule