Hello, MU Choirs and welcome back to school! Look forward to another great year with all of you!

Please click the link below to make sure: (1) that your name is on the choir roster, and (2) that your name is spelled correctly. This is the list we will use for the concert programs.

Choral Rosters_Post_Auditions

Here are three important files to download:

(1) “Abbreviated (Brief)” Syllabus, which will be reviewed the first day of class, 8/26 or 8/27:


(2) “Complete” Syllabus, which has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about singing in choir!


(3) Audition Information, for those auditioning for the first time. Remember, no need to audition for Cantilena or re-audition for U. Choir. Anyone interested in Chorale must re-audition.

MU Audition Information, Fall2019