Given the current status of COVID-19 (early January 2021), MU Choirs will meet this Spring semester face-to-face as often as possible, safely and in accordance with CDC standards. This includes appropriate social distancing, outside when possible, with masks, and singing appropriately to guard against spread of the virus. If online delivery is required, Zoom sessions will be synchronous according to the schedule below. Rehearsals will be located in or immediately outside of the Winter Center (WVPAC). Dr. Jeffrey S. Gemmell, Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Choral Studies

MU Choral Ensembles (scroll down this post for descriptions and video highlights):

Contact:  Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell (

ALL ensembles are open to ALL students, regardless of major. University Choir and Chorale require an audition for new students only. No audition is required for Women’s Choir. More information is available outside of Dr. Gemmell’s Office WVPAC 222.

Choral Auditions and First Week of Rehearsals: Rehearsals start immediately during the first week of classes, on Wednesday, 20 January. Whether you’ve auditioned or not – and remember Women’s Choir does not require an audition – you should attend ALL rehearsals of the choir(s) you’d like to join during the first week. This way you can learn more about the repertoire to be learned, the organization, the total program, and the commitment involved. Former members of University Choir and Chorale do not need to re-audition this semester. Please be sure to sign up for an audition by Monday, 18 January, though auditions during the second week are also possible. Choir lists will be posted by Tuesday, 19 January. Note: the last day to drop/add online is Wednesday, 27 January.

Auditioning for a Millersville Choral Ensemble. Here’s what you do:

(1) Read the concert schedule and syllabus below to make sure you can commit to a choral ensemble.


MU CHORAL SYLLABUS_Complete_Spring 2021

(2) Sign up for a 10-minute audition slot that is convenient for you. Auditions will be held via Zoom or in person (your choice). Submitting a video is possible for the solo portion of the audition, but all other phases must be accomplished in person or via Zoom. Please consider a time within the following blocks, if possible:

  • Wednesday, 20 January: 2:00–3:30pm
  • Thursday, 21 January : 12:30–2:00pm
  • Friday, 22 January: 10:00–11:30am; 12:30-2:00pm
  • Monday, 25 January: 10:00am – 11:30am; 1:30-2:30pm

Sign up for your audition by emailing Dr. Gemmell ( or by clicking the Excel link below and filling in your name at your desired time (first come, first served).

(3) Complete a Choral Audition Form (click below). Auditions will take place via Zoom or in my office, WVPAC 222. Bring the completed sheet to your audition or send a PDF of the completed form to Dr. Gemmell.


(4) For the Interview-Audition, you will: a) sing a simple song or, if interested in Chorale, a prepared selection in any style; b) vocalize to demonstrate your range; c) echo sing tonal patterns to check your ear; d) sight read a choral part to check your music reading ability

NEW members are welcome and encouraged to join all ensembles. Previous experience is helpful, but not required for most ensembles. Come join the fun!! More information?

MU Choir Descriptions and Video Highlights    

Remember: ALL choirs are OPEN to ALL students!

University Choir (MWF 12-12:50 pm) is an auditioned ensemble of 60-80 members that explores a diverse repertoire of exciting vocal music from around the world. From the Renaissance to Contemporary Periods, this ensemble concentrates on challenging choral repertoire of the highest quality. An infinite variety of songs and enjoyable juxtaposition of styles is a common theme of all concerts.

University Chorale (TTh 2:30-4:00 pm) is a very select ensemble with a maximum of 30 members, the majority of which are upper class voice majors. The main focus of this choir is to create innovative performances of sophisticated mixed-choir literature that is varied in style, international in scope, and universal in theme. Just recently, the ensemble performed the U.S. premiere of Oscar Navarro’s The Seven Trumpets with the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, performed in concert with musical theater legend Patti LuPone, and performed Mozart’s Coronation Mass to rave reviews!

Cantilena (MW 5:30-7 pm) and Marauder Men’s Glee Club (R 7-10 pm) are chamber ensembles specializing in genre-specific repertoire. All students are welcomed and there is ample opportunity for student direction. Repertoire is supremely varied and there are many opportunities to perform on and off campus.

Choral Union is the name given to the exciting (and large) choir that emerges when all of the above ensembles perform together in concert. This practice is most common for the “Glorious Sounds” concert, but also occurs regularly in Fall and Spring concerts.