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  1. This is a wonderful website; I just wish it had sound. I was a U/M alumnus; I am now a soprano in Englewood, NJ and will be singing a solo by Mr. Herbst for Maundy Thursday (4/13/17) called “See
    him; he is the Lamb of God.” I will try to place it on Tube because I believe Johannes Herbst should be remembered and his beautiful music preserved. I am searching for other liturgical solos by him.
    Any help in this is always appreciated. Thanks for your beautiful website.


    1. Hello, Mary,

      Thank you for your kind note. Not sure what you mean by it not having sound, because all of the videos do include a soundtrack. Perhaps you should check the settings on your browser or levels on your speakers or something like that. Whatever the issue, I hope you get it resolved so that you can hear the recordings! If not, let me know and I can send you some links or something. Let me give your question some thought and see what we can explore. It’s Holy Week, as you know, so things are rather busy at the church and school!! We’ll keep in touch.

      Thanks again for writing and glad you enjoyed the website!


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