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Class Voice Syllabus, Fall 2021:

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(Remember: songs assigned on first-come, first-served basis; no duplicates)

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Vowel Pyramid (memorize for Final Exam):


Supplemental Handout, including Functional Unity Fred (memorize for Final Exam):

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“Book Learning” Worksheet Handout, Chapters 7-10:

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Chapter Review Powerpoint Presentations:

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Written Assignment #2: Listening and Vocal Analysis

For this assignment, you are to listen/watch various recordings of different singers and give a descriptive analysis of each. There are many different elements to analyze for each singer, and elements to discuss include:

  1. Voice type
  2. General range of song and singer
  3. Genre/style of music, i.e., opera aria, oratorio, jazz ballad, etc.
  4. Any qualitative descriptions using the terminology discussed in the textbook or class
  5. Accompaniment and how it supports the singer
  6. Other stylistic considerations and how they relate to vocal technique/production

The goal of this assignment is for you to listen intelligently to a singer and be able to analyze how that singer is operating. While you are not expected to be an expert on the singers, you are expected to be able to listen with a critical ear and determine differences in style, ability and vocal quality.