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Lecture for Moravian Historical Society: Moravian Music of a Particular Time and Place: The “Lititz Anthems” of Johannes Herbst

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Concert Program:

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LMCM concert program

Slide Show (Photos by Carl Shuman):

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Audio/Video Recordings:

(1) C. LaTrobe (1758-1836): Preludes 1 & 3

Ross Ellison, organist

(2) Hymn (Beethoven): Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You
(3) J. C. Weidner (n.d.): “Andante” from Duetto I

Kirstin Myers • Kathleen M. Horein, oboe

(4) R. L. Boccherini (1743-1805): “Allegro con molto” from Symphony in E-flat Major
(5) W. A. Mozart (1756-1791): “Allegretto” from Duetto III

Jessica Kistler • Marissa LaBant, flute

(6) W. Pichl (1741-1805): “Duetto I” from Sei Sonate
(7) J. C. Bechler (1784-1857): “Allegretto” from Parthia
(8) Hymn (Herrnhut): Christian Hearts in Love United
(9a) J. Herbst (1735-1812): Hier schläft es, O wie süss

LMC Senior Choir with Samantha Katzaman & Jeffrey Gemmell, soloists

(9b) J. Herbst: Sie flochten Ihm eine Dornenkrone

LMC Senior Choir

(9c) J. Herbst: Lobet den Herrn alle seine Heerschaaren

LMC Senior Choir and Millersville University Chorale

(9d & 9e) J. Herbst: Blessed Shalt Thou Be & Praise the Lord

LMC Senior Choir with Katie Grisbacher & Julie Gemmell, soloists

(9f) J. Herbst: Gott hat unter uns aufgerichtet

Millersville University Chorale with Lindsay Edwards, Jingjing Zhang & Sarah Mason, soloists

(9g) J. Herbst: Freuet euch und seyd fröhlich

Millersville University Chorale

(10) Various: Excerpts from XII Military Marches
(11) L. van Beethoven (1770-1827): “Scherzo” from Symphony No. 2 in D Major
(12) Hymn (Bechler): Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!