Dr. Kenneth Lampl, new Artistic Director of the Music Department at Australian National University – and formerly on the faculty of Hofstra University – has been commissioned to compose a piece for this year’s “Glorious Sounds of the Season” holiday scholarship fundraiser at Millersville University.

A Glorious Sounds Celebration is an arrangement of three holiday songs from a variety of cultures. Though “traditional” in nature, each song receives Dr. Lampl’s special creative touch which, as you’ll hear, is refreshingly unique.

Click the icon under each title below to hear an MP3 of each selection. These files are for you to hear what the various accompanying forces sound like and for your practice and memorization.

A La Media Noche (Puerto Rican Carol)

A la media noche al rigor del hielo, nace Jesu Cristo Reden to del Cielo.
At midnight, amidst the severity of the cold, is born Jesus Christ, redeemer of the heavens.

A la media noche el gallo cantaba y en su voz decia ya Christo hanacido
At midnight the rooster was singing and in his voice was that Christ has been born already.

You might also want to read the Wikipedia article of the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medianoche

Mi Yimalel (Chanukah Song)

Sh’ma! Bayamim hahem baz’man hazeh,
Hark! In days of yore, in Israel’s ancient land,

Makabi noshia ufodeh, uv’yamemi kol am Yisrael,
Brave Maccabeus led the faithful band, but now all Isarel must as one arise,

Yitabed yakom lehigael.
Redeem itself thru deed and sacrifice.

Wahamba Nathi (Traditional African Song)

Wahamba nathi, oh wahamba nathi
You walked with us, oh you walked with us

Oh wahamba nathi, siyabonga
Oh you walked with us, we thank you

Siyabonga Jesu, Siyabonga ngonyama yezulu
we thank you Jesus, Lion of heaven

Siyabonga Jesu, Siyabonga
we thank you Jesus, we thank you

Wahamba nathi, oh wahamba nathi
You walked with us, oh you walked with us

There are many other verses to this song that we’re not doing!!
See performance on YouTube:

Ultimately, this is the tempo, style, etc. we’ll use in the concert!!
Notice this is contemporary African Gospel!! Very cool!!
Ok, check out how they’re moving, especially the back-up singers!!!. . . let’s do something like this, too. It’s so playful and fun! What a great way to wrap up GSS right before the Hallelujah Chorus!