Dr. Kenneth Lampl, the featured composer for MU’s Glorious Sounds of the Season 2016, “is a composer of instinct whose roots are in classical composition, yet his powerful and provocative music reflects a wide range of musical influences, from ambient sound to cutting edge electronic. ‘I find inspiration everywhere so it’s thrilling to be able to write a big Hollywood orchestral cue combined with blistering guitars one day, and be programming ethereal synth texture over a Pucciniesque operative voice the next.’ It is this versatility of talent that has attracted the attention of a growing number of filmmakers.”

Read more about Ken on his website: http://www.kenlampl.com.


I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Lampl during a Summer ACDA conference Colorado in the Summer of 2012. We hit it off immediately — everyone loved his music!! — and we had many fascinating conversations regarding choral music composition. That Fall semester, at CU-Boulder with the University Choir, I conducted the premiere of one of his choral pieces, Shiru Lo, Zamru Lo. Ken made the trip out to Colorado to record the piece during the dress rehearsal of our Fall Concert, and that recording may be heard heard below. Enjoy!

Peruse a score (and listen on SoundCloud) here: https://sites.google.com/site/kennethlampl/sheetmusic/shiru-lo-zamru-lo