Ok, folks, here’s the proof of this year’s concert! Action-packed as always, with more variety than ever and more performers!! This is going to be very exciting! Special thanks to everyone who is working so hard to put this concert together. I know the audience is going to love it!

Click this link to see a PDF of the final printed program.



THURSDAY, December 1:   6-11 PM in Clair

FRIDAY, December 2:
3:00 Board buses at WVPAC (rear? of Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center)
3:15 Leave MU for CC at WV (Cultural Center at Willow Valley)
3:45 Arrive at CC at WV
4-5:45 Tech rehearsal
5:45-6:30 Dinner provided by CC at WV
6:50 Move to places for performance
7:00 Concert begins
8:30 Concert ends
8:45 Board buses; depart for MU
9:15 Arrive back to MU

SATURDAY, December 3:
2:00 Call
4:00 Concert
5:30-6:30 Dinner provided
6:45 Call
7:30 Concert

SUNDAY, December 4:
1:30 Call
2:30 Concert

MONDAY, December 5:

TUESDAY, December 6 or WEDNESDAY, December 7:
FINAL REHEARSAL of the semester (return all music)