In talking to former students from CU-Boulder this past spring, a request was made to post University Choir recordings of performances we made when I conducted the ensemble, Fall 2009- Fall 2012. Here are some of my favorites! If there are others you would like to hear, please let me know.

Feldmayr: Te Deum in D Major (from Spring 2010)
Davids: Zuni Sunrise Song (from Fall 2012)
Lauridsen: Les Chansons de Roses (from Spring 2012)
Billings: Praise the Lord (from Fall 2012)
Lampl: Shriu Lo (from Fall 2012)
Ernest: Crickets and Commas (from Fall 2010)
Ames: For the Sake of Our Children (from Spring 2012)
Gilkyson: Requiem (from Fall 2011)
Guillaume: Twa Tanbou (from Fall 2010)
Walker, arr: Road to Freedom (from Fall 2012)


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