At Lititz Moravian Congregation this year, with everyone quarantined and at home for Moravian Music Sunday on May 17, 2020, I assembled this video to be used for our online Sunday morning service. New footage of the spoken word is interspersed with clips from the October 6th Lititz Collegium Musicum concert. Though I never expected to use hymn footage from that concert — or the camera would’ve been placed in a different spot — the material works well here for congregational hymns! You can remember what it felt like before social distancing! The Trombone Choir was previously recorded as well. Although not as fun, effective, spiritual or meaningful as worship in person, this effort is “better than nothing” for commemorating a musically significant Sunday of the church year! I feel so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to work with such talented musicians and to collaborate in a love of music ministry that we all enjoy sharing so much with everyone. Please enjoy!