This December, in place of our usual live Glorious Sounds of the Season scholarship fundraising concert at Millersville University’s Tell School of Music, we created a virtual event that included twelve days of online content: 11 days of short single videos and a 12th day Finale, c.35-minute video featuring large ensembles, select student groups, and faculty performers. Click the link below to see the homepage for the event.

This link will take you to an MU blog post describing the event:

The video below is the introductory video that explains the entire production.

Day #3 featured the Tell School Chorale and a Barbershop quartet.

Day #12 featured the following performers:

  1. Symphony Orchestra, 1:25
  2. Chorale, 4:10
  3. Wind Ensemble, 7:10
  4. Dr. Xun Pan, piano, 9:50
  5. Percussion Ensemble, 13:43
  6. Chromatic, 16:22
  7. Woodwind Choir, 18:09
  8. David Cullen, guitar, 19:42
  9. Jazz Ensemble, 21:54
  10. MBT Faculty, 24:50
  11. Choral Union, 27:50
  12. Dr. Ross Ellison, organ, 30:40