Description: Are you looking for new ways to energize your students’ singing and encourage collaborative ensemble artistry? Do you feel comfortable teaching your students how to sing and understand that you may be the only voice teacher they ever have? To fulfill these responsibilities and create an exceptional choral tone, conductors need a solid understanding of vocal pedagogy. This interactive workshop — intended for music teachers of all grade levels — will offer practical information, techniques, vocalises, tuning exercises, kinesthetic activities, and accessible repertoire meant to facilitate the natural synergy of the components of the vocal mechanism: Posture and Alignment, Breath Management, Phonation, Resonation, and Articulation. The goal is to add new strategies to your teacher’s toolbox to promote healthy vocal technique and to empower your students to sing more expressively. Participants should come ready to sing with an open mind, an active body, and a free spirit to create beautiful music together!